Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Reason For My Blog

So, in reality the real reason I decided to start a blog is to have a place to share my scrapbook & paper crafting projects. So I guess I better get started. Here are some of my latest & greatest projects, and some old ones I really want to share.

I made this layout about a year ago using a picture I took of the kids & Isabella back in 2006. I love this picture and have actually scrapped it more than once.

I love the genuine smile Spencer has in this picture. So many times he gives me a fake smile when I take pictures of him. But this one really captures the real Spencer. I think Lexi may have been helping me out by tickling him (thanks Sis).

For Mother's Day this year I decided I was going to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls, no matter who wanted to go with me. I was even willing to go by myself if I had to. But I was lucky, all four of us went together and had a great time.

More beach pictures from 2006. Man, I take a lot of beach pictures (if you haven't noticed, you will don't worry). I LOVE the beach!

Spencer played Rookie Ball this year. He had enough of t-ball last year & wanted to play where one team wins and one team loses. I think I have a little competitor on my hands!
Well, I'm off to create some more stuff to share. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Am I really blogging?

OK, so I have tinkered with the thought of starting a blog for a while now but I always wondered why in the heck should I? Who's gonna read it? Who's gonna even know it's here? Who's really gonna care if I take the time to do this or not? Is this another one of those things I start and spend a ton of time on for a few weeks, then I forget I even have it?
Who knows? But I am going to give it a go & see what becomes of it. Why not?

So while I am beginning to learn this blog process please be patient with me. I plan to post pix of my family & my latest scrapbooking projects & other things that interest me. But until I get this all figured out, it may be a bit boring. I'll learn & it will get better, I promise!