Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adjusting to Life

So the first exciting thing we are adjusting to around here is, the kids are back in school. Spencer started 2nd grade and loves the newly remodeled school he goes to.

He is also adjusting to my job at his school. I am working as an assistant at his school this year. I guess I can say his adjustment to my job was pretty easy since I volunteered a lot last year! The adjustment is more my deal. Laundry is piling up, dinners are totally boring, and my feet are figuring out that I need some better shoes. I wore four bandaids every day last week covering my lovely four blisters. My feet didn't even hurt this bad after backpacking across the Grand Canyon last year!

Then there's Lexi. My cousin posted on her blog last week about being old because her son started preschool. Well what does that make me? Lexi just started junior high! She is doing so great. She is playing volleyball, continuing with band, and taking pre-algebra. Way to go kiddo! And no G, those are not grey hairs on my head, I checked this morning!

G is taking this adjustment wonderfully. He is learning that there are some things that he is use to me taking care of, and some times he needs to pitch in a bit more than he had to last year. But he is doing this without complaint & actually seems to be enjoying his new job as homework helper.

So, we decided this year was Spencer's year to have his first kid birthday party! All his friends have had some of the coolest birthday parties, I didn't think there was any way we could compete (bowling, laser tag, golfing, renting an entire swimming pool...) but we did! We had the first sleep over with this great group of boys! These boys have known each other since kindergarten & I have had the chance to get to know the Moms, they are all so fun! So last Friday we had seven 7 & 8 year old boys "sleeping" in a tent in our back yard. Really I don't think they slept, and we didn't either but we had so much fun. It was so cool to watch these little guys interact with each other. They are each so different & yet fit so well together.

On Saturday after the boys were picked up from the camp out we headed to Blue Lake park for a family reunion. We got to see family that we hadn't seen since last summer. It was so nice to see the kids playing and having fun together. And it was fun to actually see the kids rather than seeing their pictures on blogs!

Well, I haven't been scrappin much since I started work but I hope to get some done this weekend! Take care all & enjoy the sunshine!