Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Created!

So, on Black Friday I bought three of these HUGE, fluffy, fleece throws. We have a billion blankets in this house already but I really feel like we use them all the time. So I like to have a variety. I also knew that Sis would love a new HUGE blanket to bring on her away tournaments. So, the one I gave her to use last weekend (her first multi-day tournament, post & pictures to come soon) has sock monkeys all over it & is absolutely adorable. The only problem is that the fleece has pilled and there is blue fuzz all over the place. I have washed it twice & picked the pills all off twice. Nothing seems to work. There is a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon covered in blue fleece pills, sorry housekeeping:( Anyway, I emailed the company & they said I could return the blankets for a refund but they are just too gosh darn cute & the perfect size, so not an option in my opinion. Instead I went to the store yesterday & found another HUGE fleece throw to sew on to the back (since the only side that is pilling is the back). Now she has a HUGE, extra thick, absolutely adorable sock monkey blanket for our next tournament. Until then it has found a home on her bed, yet I am not sure how she can fit anything else on her bed. I swear this girl nests:) Oh and by the way, you're welcome hotel in Spokane, Washington. We will not be leaving blue pills all over this time!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


That's it! I have finally picked a word of twenty-twelve to represent me! CREATE!!! If you really know me, that was really an easy word to use to describe me but I am really going to focus on creating things this year! Here is an example: two pillows + a couple yards of fabric + 30 minutes = 2 happy happy children with new pillows!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Word For 2012

Every year some of my favorite crafty people pick one word to focus on for the year. I have only done this once a few years ago & my word was enjoy. It was a good word for me & it kept me focused when my world seemed to be blurry. Usually the word is suppose to be chosen by the first of the new year but I am a bit slow coming to the decision of doing this again. So basically I have not chosen the perfect word for twenty-twelve but Optimism is definitely in the running. I will let you know when my final decision has been made! Until then, I am going to try Optimism on for size!