Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Created!

So, on Black Friday I bought three of these HUGE, fluffy, fleece throws. We have a billion blankets in this house already but I really feel like we use them all the time. So I like to have a variety. I also knew that Sis would love a new HUGE blanket to bring on her away tournaments. So, the one I gave her to use last weekend (her first multi-day tournament, post & pictures to come soon) has sock monkeys all over it & is absolutely adorable. The only problem is that the fleece has pilled and there is blue fuzz all over the place. I have washed it twice & picked the pills all off twice. Nothing seems to work. There is a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon covered in blue fleece pills, sorry housekeeping:( Anyway, I emailed the company & they said I could return the blankets for a refund but they are just too gosh darn cute & the perfect size, so not an option in my opinion. Instead I went to the store yesterday & found another HUGE fleece throw to sew on to the back (since the only side that is pilling is the back). Now she has a HUGE, extra thick, absolutely adorable sock monkey blanket for our next tournament. Until then it has found a home on her bed, yet I am not sure how she can fit anything else on her bed. I swear this girl nests:) Oh and by the way, you're welcome hotel in Spokane, Washington. We will not be leaving blue pills all over this time!

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