Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best Weekend Ever 2013

About two months ago the planning process began for Spencer's first skiing trip! I wrote on the calender, "Secret Activity" and would not give him any hints as to what we were doing or where we were going! I just love surprises:) Sunday morning a friend of ours was sitting at Starbucks with Spencer's favorite strawberry banana smoothie when we walked in to get some coffee. Spencer had no idea he was coming in from Colorado and he was thrilled to see him and totally stoked to find out we were all going skiing! And so the adventure began!
We signed Spencer up for two hour lessons in the morning on both days we were going to be there. The first day he was the youngest person in the lesson group & also the best even though it was his first time on skis! He did so well on the first day they bumped him up to level three for the second day! He really has a strong desire to learn how to ski well & it is so fun to watch him:)
Here he is on Bruno which is where he spent the entire first day. He learned how to ride the chairlift, how to turn, and how to stop. He loved every minute of it! But at the end of his lesson he was ready to go faster! He was feeling the need for speed:)
I could not have been more proud of this kid! He was amazing! The second day was windy, cold, and snowy which made it difficult for him. But he was such a trooper and I never heard a single complaint out of him! The best part of it is he is excited to go again!
Spencer riding the chairlift on Bruno. He practiced so hard and did a great job! I still can't believe that this was his first weekend skiing!
He's got his game face on and he looks ready to clean some runs!
This was one of our last runs of the second day! He was so cold that his little cheeks were red & there was snow stuck to his neck warmer! Once again, I never heard a complaint out of his mouth! Such a great kid with such a big heart!
We stayed in a hotel in Government Camp so we could be close to the mountain for day two (and so we could use the hot tub after skiing)! We had snow all night long and my truck was covered! It was such a peaceful feeling to be out in the falling snow. We even took a walk after we cleaned up & warmed up after skiing and headed into Government Camp for dinner. It was fun to walk instead of drive! It was so quiet and absolutely beautiful!
Spencer learned the phrase "Foot of Fresh" which was something not everyone has experienced! Fresh powder is so nice to ski on (except when it's almost 20 inches deep and you can't find your ski when you fall)! What an incredible weekend we had:) Now we are looking forward to the next "Best Weekend Ever!"

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